Chuck and Nancy called and VP Pence refuses the call!


Speaker of the House Pelosi is demanding the removal of the President. It must be part of the unity that Joe Biden promised. She’s so tolerant, so inclusive, and so unifying. We can see how well this new administration will go for the 74 million who voted for President Trump. She joins Chuck Schumer, the incoming Senate Majority Leader in calling for the 25th Amendment or impeachment.

If you heard that Republicans are also calling for him to be removed, you heard right. You know which Republicans? It’s the fake Republicans of The Lincoln Project who worked to not only eject President Trump but to also hand the Senate over to the socialist Democrats. Obviously, they are hardly Republicans.

The only reason to remove the President 13 days before his departure is pure hate. There is no other reason. These people have spread hate since day one.

If Joe Biden was telling the truth when he said he wanted unity, he’d tell Nancy and Chuck to clam up. To this administration, patriots are terrorists, and the real terrorists — Antifa and Black Lives Matter — are okay with senile Joe.



Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are trying to tell Vice President Pence what to do. According to CNN, Chuck and Nancy called him and were left on hold for 25 minutes before a Pence staffer got on the phone and said he would not take her call.

Ya gotta love it.

Newsmax reported this evening that President Trump didn’t want Vice President Pence to violate the Constitution, just delay the vote until an investigation of the election can be initiated. We can’t verify that unless we hear it directly from the parties involved. No matter what, it’s unfortunate that didn’t happen.

Schumer and Pelosi are rank ideologues who want power. They don’t care about Americans. Schumer has never done a thing for New Yorkers. He sat in his office down the road from a nursing home where his older citizens were dying and never said a word about it.

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