Future Denver Mayor? He’s Running on the Hate America Ticket


Look at this, we have another candidate who hates America. He is running for mayor of Denver, Colorado and appears to be following in Andrew Cuomo’s footsteps on the ‘America sucks’ ticket.

It’s a real winner.

Ganjapreneur Kayvan Khalatbari is an Iranian-American Candidate for Mayor of Denver Colorado in 2019. He is a pro-sanctuary city candidate and he is anti-police. He hates President Trump.

Here he is showing his utter disrespect for our flag:

Kayvan Khalatbari, running on the hate America ticket

Khalatbari, who sells cannabis, pizza, and comedy, sees Denver as the next San Francisco, keeping police away from the homeless, promoting sanctuary cities, and he has a lovely video on Facebook titled, “What the F***“. He also has ties to the Communist Working Families Party although he’s unaffiliated.

He’s definitely no fan of the police. His platform will include “alternative policing”.

At a city council forum in 2015, he said, “Denver’s police are waging a war against people. We need to rethink the militarization of our police, many who don’t actually live in our communities. I propose a program of volunteer ‘peace officers,’ who are trained in conflict mediation and are from our neighborhoods.”

He ran for city council in 2015 but came in fifth out of a field of five.

On Twitter, he goes by the handle, @laughingsheikh. His slogan in 2015 was, “I’m a real person”. Others know him as the “cannabis candidate”.

The “What the F***” video was not censored by Facebook, which is fine, but a Prager U video supporting free speech was, and that’s not fine.

A Twitter user collected his biggest hits.

Our candidates are getting more and more ridiculous.



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