Gaige Grosskreutz Contradicts Sworn Testimony on CNN


During Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial on Tuesday, Gaige Grosskreutz testified that he was only shot after he pulled his gun on Rittenhouse.

Yesterday and today, he went on two TV shows and directly contradicted his sworn testimony.

Gaige Grosskreutz, a criminal People’s Revolutionary, had an unlicensed gun that he aimed at Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse then shot him in self-defense to Grosskreutz’s great surprise. He has now invented a scenario for TV claiming he pointed the gun at Kyle’s head either before or after he was shot although under oath, Grosskreutz admitted he aimed the gun at Rittenhouse and was then shot.

Grosskreutz was caught in lies during his testimony as well, but these fake journalists won’t take him to task. They let him basically say whatever he wants.

It seems that once Kyle Rittenhouse is acquitted, at least he should be, he might be able to sue Gaige Grosskreutz for slander.

Here he is talking with Anderson Cooper Thursday night:


Live in the Courtroom Friday:

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call from John T Air
call from John T Air
2 years ago

And all of this in small to medium sized WI town but I think there is a Marxist U subsidiary located locally.
The comrade mill that is the American EDU system is starting to reap err rewards?
The burn it all down award is a really bad prize but a continent sized dumpster fire is a feature and not a bug to the true believers.
Comrade kommissar Billy Ayers has a manifesto with a similar name but it is heavily lifted from the original CCCP global Soviet Long Marchers.
You can see the seeds of woke and CRT which are both Marxist ideas applied to culture starting back in the 1950’s-1960’s with EDU once again being a leader and not a follower.