Gaige Grosskreutz Is Really Angry He Didn’t Get to Shoot First


Gaige Grosskreutz, a petty criminal who is a People’s Revolution communist, went on Good Morning America, and did admit, “Yes, I was pointing my weapon at the defendant.” He should have stopped there, although an apology would have been nice, but no, that’s not what he did.

Grosskreutz is essentially angry that Kyle shot him before he could get a round off with his unlicensed gun. Grosskreutz called Kyle a ‘would-be murderer,” but isn’t that what he is? Rittenhouse was trying to defend himself from the would-be murderer, Gaige Grosskreutz.

Gosskreutz’s lawyer was with him and was as bad as her client. She said Grosskreutz was not a threat [even though he pointed his unlicensed gun at Rittenhouse’s head]. The lawyer also lied and said Rittenhouse re-racked, which has been debunked.

No spent cartridges back that up.

Grosskreutz said one could twist the video and say he was ‘allegedly’ pointing his gun at his head. The video shows clearly that he aimed at Rittenhouse’s head and Grosskruetz admitted it while under oath. Now he’s trying to lie again, something he has done throughout with a bogus statement about his bicep being shot.

His parting words were that he wanted everyone to know Kyle Rittenhouse “murdered two people” and tried to “murder” him.

The host didn’t question a thing he said or even ask why he admitted under oath that he aimed his gun at Kyle’s head before he was shot.

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Get Some Go Again
Get Some Go Again
2 years ago

Re-racking the slide? Was the ejected round found?
A movie production company could use this firearms expert. (sarc)
Comrade Gaige has the sads that he couldn’t get a notch on his frame like the Capitol Police officer.
Good optics CPUSA true believer as it will be used to wake up any that are still sitting on the fence regarding the rapidly heating up to a boil water that we are in.