Never Hire This Law Firm, Especially If You’re a Trump Supporter


This is what conservatives get as a lawyer at Island Boys LLP.

A J6 rioter or police assailant, Scott Fairlamb, 44, a former MMA fighter and gym owner, hit a police officer on J6 and will now serve 41 months in prison.

At the same time, Antifa and BLM can try to kill officers, paralyze some, burn down ICE buildings with police locked inside, throw rocks, bottles, and Molotov cocktails at them and get their records expunged with no jail time.

Fairlamb didn’t even get time served.

Fairlamb was upset because he was forced to lockdown his gym and fined when he kept it open. He was losing his livelihood. The former gym owner was allegedly tortured in prison, kept in isolation.

Fairlamb is seen on video pushing a Metropolitan Police Department officer, pointing a finger in his face and then punching him. The officer said he didn’t suffer any physical injuries, according to prosecutors.

“Had this not occurred on federal property, my client would be facing a trespassing and simple assault [case] in any municipal court in this country,” his attorney said. “Most importantly, my client has expressed sincere remorse for his actions of that day. And those actions are not indicative of who he really is.”

If this is what everyone who committed a crime like this got as a sentence, we’d be fine with it, but it’s clearly added punishment because he was rallying for Trump and made a mistake that day. It’s a first for him.

Listen at his lawyer:

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1 year ago

Lamb is a fool to have allowed this POS attorney to represent him. Far better if he had represented himself and refused any plea bargain.

1 year ago

There is no longer Justice in America; especially at the Federal Level. We have a Government who has effectively declared war on it’s people. When the people fight back it’s not going to be pretty. The Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers are not producers. In a Civil War, they will starve. We are already seeing what not willing to pay truck drivers has caused. Just wait until the energy workers turn the lights off. People won’t be able to afford heat this winter. All the Red States need to do is nothing. The Blue State Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers will turn on the corrupt Traitor Joe Regime with Malice!

1 year ago

I walk in to his office and see that hair I’d probably piss myself laughing while I walked out the door.

Thurston Loves Lovey
Thurston Loves Lovey
1 year ago

They can’t lock us all up and external enemies will use the political J6 prisoners against the Long March fifth column of quisling traitors.
The brain dead woke bong brigade from the faculty lounge are in for a rude shock as God and reality bring the much needed comeuppance.