Gainesville Mayor fills kid’s park with mulch, but there’s an update


Antifa-loving Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe filled the public-funded skate park in Gainesville with mulch so that residents stuck at home are unable to utilize it.

Mayor Lauren Poe, loon

Channel 4 News in Gainesville reported the move earlier today. This is similar to what went on in Venice Beach. The crazies filled the kids’ skateboard park with sand so the kids went ahead and redesigned it into a dirt bike park.

Poe probably saw that and figured he’d keep that from happening. What residents should do is put up a sign saying, ‘Free Mulch.’

Poe’s decision to fill the skatepark comes after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his move to the second phase of reopening Florida’s economy and putting Floridians back to work.

DeSantis recently reopened barbershops and salons. And he announced major sports would resume in the Sunshine State.

This is nuts and he’s nuts!

There are updates to the story. Poe blamed it on staffers and the community took the mulch out the same day the ‘staff’ put it down.


There are updates. Poe blamed his staff — not his fault.

The community isn’t allowing it. They banded together to clean it up.

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