Gallup: Record High Numbers of Americans Suffering Under Biden


The share of Americans who rate their lives so poorly they are “suffering” is climbing. According to a Gallup survey, economic stress from inflation and worries over moral values fuel the problem. If you are the Energy Secretary, she’ll just tell you to buy an EV.

The pollsters said the share of people considered to be suffering reached 5.6% in July, the highest mark since Gallup began measuring the concept in 2008 with its Life Evaluation Index.

The survey asks people to rate their lives on a 0 to 10 scale so they can be classified as “thriving,” “struggling,” or “suffering.”

Those who grade their current and future lives as 4 or below are considered to be suffering, while those who give their current lives at least a 7 and future lives an 8 or higher are thriving.

“The 5.6% suffering rate in July marks the first time the Gallup measure has exceeded 5% in the U.S. and translates to an estimated 14 million American adults,” Gallup noted.

At the same time, we have disengaged “leaders” like Jennifer Granholm telling us to just go out and buy EVs.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm continues condescending to poor and middle-class Americans about the affordability of green energy. We could have cheap energy, but the Marxist administration is cutting us off as they artificially make it expensive.

The administration is not so much out of touch as bent on an ideological agenda. it’s a dangerous place to be.

These three clips of multimillionaire Granholm are from this week alone.

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