Gangs Recruit & Arm Illegal Foreigners in NYC Shelters


Curtis Sliwa said that one of the church basements in Staten Island, New York, was converted into a shelter. What is really important to know is who was guarding it. Sliwa said MS-13, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter were guarding it.

The gangs are joining forces to give them more power. They are controlling the shelters.

We also know that the gangs are smuggling guns and other weapons into shelters with food. DoorDash, pizza parlors, and Uber Eats have delivered guns with the food. Maybe companies aren’t vetting employees.

Shelters are being taken over by gangs. The most vicious Venezuela gang, Tren de Aragua, is causing havoc in South America. Now, they’ve found a recruiting goldmine in New York shelters.

Tren de Aragua has taken over New York City over the past two years. They found they never get in trouble if they don’t go too far.

What is most frightening is what gangs are really up to. The gangsters rob people in restaurants. They just walk up to people dining and demand their valuables and phones.

They even have their own travel agency-type system to recruit new members. The gangs commit a lot of crimes in Times Square, the gun-free zone. The gangs are moving from theft to shootouts in the street.

Nothing happens to them. The New York leftist-Soros justice system releases them quickly after they downgrade charges to misdemeanors.

At least they got Daniel Penny and Donald Trump. This is what is going on, and it is not an exaggeration.


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