Gavin Newsom says it’s RAAACIST to recall him


California Governor Gavin Newsom finally came to realize that he will be recalled. That led him to finally establish a campaign committee to resist using prominent Democrats and no small amount of propaganda. He also launched a website for that purpose on Monday.

The governor had numerous nationally prominent Democrats tweet the website out along with his message that the recall is powered by anti-science, racist, Q-Anon believing Trump supporters who want to stop his success in fighting COVID, and that the state can’t afford a recall election.

Success? Will anyone believe that?

The recall effort has the signatures of a lot of Democrats who are fed up with the lockdown.

In his tweet, which went up first, Newsom only claimed the recall is “partisan” and “Republican,” saying that he won’t be distracted from meeting the moment.

Redstate said that a recall election costs about 100 million dollars. Newsom’s disastrous policies have cost the state and local businesses billions. It seems a small price to pay.

As Redstate reports, his state has a surplus but instead of using it to help his suffering residents, he’s likely going to use it for his campaign to remain.


The roughly 2 million signatures, more than enough to hold a recall election, will be submitted on Wednesday.

Nationally popular liberals [communists] such as Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Georgia activist Stacey Abrams, plus senior California Democrats, including Rep. Adam Schiff and Sen. Alex Padilla are bolstering his website.

Lanhee Chen writes, “Newsom has overseen one of the biggest management failures in the state’s history—the state unemployment insurance fund paid up to $30 billion in fraudulent claims, including to people are sitting in state prison as we speak. And let’s not forget that Newsom ignored his own public health rules and dined with lobbyists at a fancy Napa Valley restaurant during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Newsom hasn’t been a failure because Republicans say so. No, his own actions are to blame.

If all else fails, Newsom will say it’s RAAACIST!

Newsom told reporters on Tuesday, “Look at the petition, look at the actual reasons they themselves listed. It has to do with immigration. The ‘Browning’ of California,” Newsom said, using air quotes to emphasize “Browning.”

No, wrong, it has to do with him bringing in massive numbers of needy people with the lure of free housing, education, medical care, jobs, and so on because one party wants all the power in perpetuity.

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