Georgia slammed with federal lawsuit over the state’s election integrity law


Governor Kemp just signed a perfectly reasonable election integrity law that requires photo ID for absentee ballots, fewer drop boxes that will be kept indoors and monitored, and expanding in-person voting. For that, he was hit with a federal lawsuit.

The photo ID for absentee ballots will prevent ballot harvesting.

Also, and this is a big one, cities and counties must keep counting votes non-stop once the polls close. No more burst pipes to interrupt counting.

These are all common sense fixes, but Democrats are infuriated. Democrats are on their way to enshrining voter fraud into law with HR-1/S-1.

The companion bills will not supersede state law and right now, quite a few states are considering similar laws to Georgia’s.


The Hill reports that voting rights groups [Democrat operatives] on Thursday night filed a lawsuit just hours after Georgia enacted the law.

The 35-page complaint filed in federal court in Atlanta alleges that minority voters will be hit especially hard by the new legislation. They are using the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to accuse the Governor and legislature of suppressing voters’ rights.

It’s absurd. The law is perfectly reasonable.

According to the lawsuit, the new restrictions are “clearly intended to and will have the effect of making it harder for lawful Georgia voters to participate in the State’s elections,” adding that it will impose “unjustifiable burdens” that disproportionately impact people of color, as well as young, poor and disabled voters.

“…disproportionately impact people of color…” This is the same garbage Democrats always spew about any law designed to protect the integrity of our election process. They say it so often it almost sounds racist. It’s as if they are saying that ‘people of color’ are less capable of doing things that white people can do, like getting an ID and bringing it when they vote, or applying on time for an absentee ballot.

President Trump praised the governor for tightening up the laws, but this comes as HR-1/S-1 is nearing a vote in the Senate. It has already been passed in the House.

Democrats want to burn up the Constitution, election integrity, and the Republican Party. They want all the power all the time.


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