German Farmers Will Go Ahead with a Massive Protest of Taxes


The German government desperately tried to make a deal with the Farmers’ Association to avoid the massive protest from the 8th through the 15th. Farmers are protesting the new taxes as Germany spends all their money on the climate change scam.

In December, German farmers were infuriated about new taxes. According to the AP, German farmers gathered in Berlin in December to protest against planned cuts to climate change subsidies for diesel used in agriculture. It is part of a deal reached by the government to plug a hole in the country’s budget.

DW reports that German farmers are enraged at proposed diesel subsidy cuts and taxes directly affecting them. They say these could cost them up to €1 billion.

Green Party Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir criticized the government’s approach. He said farmers have “no alternative” to diesel, adding, “Farmers are the ones who supply us with food; these cuts overburden the sector.”

Farmers sought to send a “first clear signal” to Berlin’s three-party governing coalition that it needed to drop the planned cuts.

Farmers’ Association President Joachim Rukwied said, “If not, there will be massive resistance from January. We will not put up with this.”

The German government on Thursday watered down cost-saving plans that have infuriated farmers, announcing that it is giving up a proposal to scrap a car tax exemption for farming vehicles and will stagger cuts to tax breaks for diesel used in agriculture, ABC News reported.

The German government said they would spread the taxes over a few years, but the farmers were unsatisfied.


However, the German Farmers’ Association said the government’s about-turn didn’t go far enough and that it would stick to its planned protests.

“This can only be a first step,” its chairman, Joachim Rukwied, said in a statement. “Our position is unchanged: Both proposed cuts must be taken off the table.”

A massive rebellion is underway, culminating in Berlin on January 15. Farmers’ unions plan a “week of action” in cities across Germany, Jan 8-15. Fifteen hundred tractors met at the Brandenberg Gate in December. The same number of tractors or more will converge once again.

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