Germans Told They Can Wear Sweaters as Energy Prices Soar


Baden-Württemberg Minister of Agriculture and Consumer Protection Peter Hauk backed a complete German ban on importing gas and oil from Russia in response to Moscow’s military assault on Ukraine. He’s telling Germans who can’t afford fuel that they should wear sweaters. That’s like Pete Buttigieg telling Americans who can’t pay for gas to take a bus.

Germany imports about 40% or more of its gas and oil from Russia.

Hauk doesn’t seem to care what it will do to its citizens. Prices of energy are soaring and it’s getting hard for many Germans to heat their homes.

Hauk has a solution – let them wear a sweater.

“You can withstand 15 degrees [Celsius] in winter in a sweater. No one dies of it. But people are dying elsewhere,” Hauk said, referencing Ukraine.

Making fossil fuels expensive will fool people into thinking they need to go full solar and wind. They are not letting a good crisis go to waste.

The politician, a member of the Christian Democratic Union party, angered the German Tenants’ Association, who are worried about the elderly.

Although the association conceded that Europe needed to reduce its dependence on Russian fossil fuels, it warned that lowering the room temperature and relying instead on wearing more clothing could lead to people falling ill during the winter months. “With a ministerial salary or a presidential pension, you can afford exploding energy costs and do not need to freeze yourself,” Stuttgart state chairman Rolf Gassmann said.

In only eight years, the EU plans to phase out reliance on Russia. Mostly, they are going to rush to inadequate, expensive solar and wind.

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Hans Peter Snicklefritz
Hans Peter Snicklefritz
1 year ago

@ Prisoner,

FAM watched some cutesy movie featuring a Deutsch Oscars type show and it was a shocker.
No German people besides an uptight blond mother they called Karen and a hapless 20 something Johann turned down by the Indian girl and not all bothered after getting stepped on.
Most of the actors were Indian or African with some Muslims.
Clown World or Tower Of Babel 2.0 will come down hard.

1 year ago

If Europe goes Green by 2030, then Europe will have no manufacturing capability by 2030. Solar and Wind doesn’t have the Energy Density to support a modern manufacturing economy.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

I have known some Germans. Germans are very docile politically, they accept most anything. After WW2, they have been brainwashed from early childhood of their guilt. This had led to, ironically, acceptance of government policies.

The great reset people have taken over, with evil intentions, and the people taught to hate the evil Nazis will do nothing. Chances of a moderate government are nearly nil.

SD Plissken
SD Plissken
1 year ago

Sweaters are a construct of the white male patriarchy as are blankets, at least everyone is equal but what about muh globull warming?
No warmth in the Great Reset Leap Forward but don’t feel bad because some are a little more equal and they will enjoy the high life.
Brandon says no gas for Germanistan because vodka man bad.
The comrades could hang out by the airport and catch some exhaust vapors from all the VIP’s going off to climate summits.