Giuliani, Powell say they have evidence that will undo the election


Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell spoke with Maria Bartiromo this morning on Sunday Morning Futures detailing what they believe went on during the 2020 presidential election.

Smartmatic denies having anything to do with Dominion, although there are some indications they use the same software. 


The following is a summary of statements made by Rudy Giuliani in the clip below.

Dominion is a foreign, far-left company with “close, close ties to Venezuela, and therefore, China.  It uses a Venezuelan company’s software that has been used to steal elections in other countries. This is a radical left company, and one of the people there is a supporter of Antifa who has written horrible things about the President for the last three or four years.

The software they use is Smartmatic. It was founded by Hugo Chavez and his two allies, who still own it. It was banned by the US ten years ago, and it’s back now. Our votes are sent to Smartmatic overseas. When they see the voting going the wrong way, they can change the votes. They stop counting to do it.

Trump was ahead by 800,000 votes in Pennsylvania, and it was impossible to catch up unless you’re cheating. It was the same thing in other states. Normally, the state would have been called.

The chairman of Dominion is a close ally of George Soros.

Guiliani said they identified 632,000 illegal votes. It’s enough for the President to win by 300,000 votes if you get the Smartmatic machine out. They counted mail-in ballots without a Republican inspector. That is unlawful.

When inspectors were finally let in, they were kept too far away to see the process.

Under the law in every state, if you don’t inspect it, the vote is invalid. Once the envelopes are separated from the ballot, they cannot be inspected.

Cases in Pennsylvania just included a few ballots and were overturned for that reason.

In Detroit, 100,000 ballots were brought in at 4 in the morning. According to them, all were for Biden only, no one else, no down ballots were checked off. That’s because they didn’t have time to mark the ballots they were filling out fraudulently.

The counting of ballots was stopped in the key swing states.

And this is important because Dominion has a back door that allows them to always monitor and mirror in real-time, allowing anyone with a real-time understanding to gain an electoral advantage.

Rudy can prove they did it in Michigan, and they are investigating the rest.

Not only did they use a foreign country to count ballots, but they also shut Republicans out of the count.

The pattern used is how Smartmatic used it in other countries to swing elections.

Giuliani said he has some evidence to prove all this.

He said he couldn’t imagine how a state legislature can certify an election if Republicans couldn’t observe. Obviously, President Trump will ask the state legislatures not to certify the elections.

Republicans control most state legislatures, and that would mean Republicans win.


The following is a summary of the statements Ms. Powell made in the clip below.

Peter Neffinger is President and a Board member of Smartmatic, and a former Obama administration employee. He is on Joe Biden’s transition team, which Sidney believes will be over before it began.

He knows Smartmatic and Dominion have been accused of election fraud. She has so much information coming in that she feels it’s coming in from a “firehose.”

Powell said hundreds of thousands, perhaps more, have stepped forward with claims of fraud. The company’s own manual explains how votes can be washed away.

Why would someone buy this software? There is some evidence of kickbacks to people who accepted the software. Some witnesses are aware of substantial funds given to families of those buying the software.

You can use a thumb drive or download a software patch and access anything from anywhere, Germany or Venezuela.

They know duplicate votes were uploaded.

They have a sworn statement from a witness who will say this is what they did in other countries.

She said that the evidence they have would undo the election.


Smartmatic Denies the Allegations

Smartmatic is refuting claims made by the Trump campaign, specifically Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, that they have supplied software to Dominion and enabled election fraud.

Smartmatic denies any involvement. They say they do not provide software to Dominion. The two companies are competitors, they say.

However, since Dominion used their software, many believe Dominion is built on that software, and the patent was given to a Hong Kong bank as collateral at one point.

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