Judge rules Governor Newsom violated the Constitution


New York and California are using COVID-19 to re-impose draconian lockdown measures, even though hospitalizations and casualty numbers are at normal five-year averages.

As Democrat governors move to centralize their power, higher courts are ruling against them. Anti-lockdown decisions have been rendered in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and California.


California’s Gavin Newsom got called out again after a high court judge upheld a ruling limiting the governor’s dictatorial and unconstitutional powers.

His order required election officials to establish hundreds of locations statewide where voters could cast their ballots — something lawmakers would end up approving.

Newsom exceeded his authority by ignoring the law and improperly amending existing statutory law by saying anyone could vote through absentee ballot under the guise of COV.


Republican Assemblymen James Gallagher and Kevin Kiley brought the lawsuit and stated it was an “abuse of separation of powers.”

Sutter County Superior Court Judge Sarah Heckman ruled Friday that the order, N-67-20, “improperly amended existing statutory law, exceeding the governor’s authority and violating the separation of powers.”

The order stated, citing the COVID-19 pandemic, that “all Californians who are registered to vote in” the Nov. 3 election “must be empowered to vote by mail, as an alternative to in-person voting.”

Newsom, a Democrat, argued that California’s government code gave him the power to issue orders like the one concerning mail ballots, but the judge was not convinced.

The legislative branch makes laws, Heckman said in the 9-page ruling, while the governor and the executive branch sees that laws are faithfully executed.

“The Governor may not exercise legislative powers unless permitted by the Constitution. Article V, Section 1 of the California Constitution does not grant the Governor the power to exercise those functions which have been given to the Legislature, absent the Legislature’s delegation of a portion of its legislative authority to such executive officials or entities through statutory enactments,” the judge ruled.

The ruling voided Newsom’s June order. It also clearly stated that the governor doesn’t have the power to amend laws or make new laws.

Allegedly, 1400 people died from COV yesterday. According to the United Nations World Population Prospects report, approximately 7,452 people die every day in the United States. In other words, a person dies in the U.S. approximately every 12 seconds.

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