Globalist John McCain Tells Annapolis Midshipmen “No More America First”


Globalist John McCain told the Brigade of Midshipmen at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, that there must be “no more isolationism…no more America First”. He then jumped right into the Fascism of World War II. He also referenced his open borders platform.

McCain has no interest in our sovereignty.

Ignoring the divisions inculcated in our country by the Democrats, the party of identity politics, he said, “We have to fight against propaganda and crackpot conspiracy theories. We have to fight isolationism, protectionism, and nativism. We have to defeat those who would worsen our divisions.”

As a globalist who supports illegal immigration, open borders, and amnesty, he said, “We have to remind our sons and daughters that we became the most powerful nation on earth by tearing down walls, not building them.”

McCain compared the situation today with that of the early 1990s when the corrupt Clintons humiliated our nation.

He called 1991 a time of hope and said it’s now “time to wake up”.

If you don’t agree with him, you’re asleep to morality, according to him.

The man who said Marxist Obama was a better leader than Trump, said, “We are asleep to the necessity of our leadership, and to the opportunities and real dangers of this world. We are asleep in our echo chambers, where our views are always affirmed and information that contradicts them is always fake.”

The authoritarian McCain who loved authoritarian Obama condemned the seduction of many “to authoritarian rule”, meaning the President.

He hates Trump, the man who serves in the position he wanted.

The man who hates conservatives even more than he hates Trump, took a parting shot, “Our failure to remain engaged in Europe and enforce the hard-won peace of 1918 had made that clear. There could be no more isolationism, no more tired resignation — no more ‘America First.’“

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