There Goes Obama’s Monuments Established with an Abuse of Power and an Obscure Act


Ryan Zinke, the Interior Secretary, will review more than two dozen monuments that have been “protected” by the former administration, WaPo reports.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Tuesday evening that President Trump has authorized him to review any national monument created since Jan. 1, 1996, that spans at least 100,000 acres “to make sure the people have a voice” in which lands receive the highest level of federal protection.

The review has been specifically crafted to encompass national monuments in Utah: Grand Staircase-Escalante, which Clinton declared in 1996, and Bears Ears, which Obama declared last December.

President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order calling for a review of the obscure law that the backwards former president used to cut off land from development.

We have a president who is listening to the people.

In 45 days, we will know Zinke’s decision. Expect some judge on an island in the Pacific to rule against it.

The Obama embeds are all the Democrats have to stop Trump.

The executive order titled, the “Review of Designations Under the Antiquities Act,” calls for a review of the 1906 law that gives the president of the United States power to set aside lands for federal protection – forever.

“The Antiquities Act does not give the federal government unlimited power… and it’s time we ended this abusive practice,” the President said.

Absurdly, the Act precludes any president from reversing any of a previous president’s declarations. Soros’s Center for American Progress is objecting, claiming it’s wrong for a president to reverse a former president’s dictates.

The left believes a left-wing president should be allowed to dictate for the ages.

President Trump is responding to communities who cannot use lands for ranching, farming, other development such as fossil fuels, mining and so on. Trump is returning some of the land and water back to the people.

The use of this act by Barack Obama was purely political and meant to satisfy his own lust for the climate change agenda and to meet the demands of the most extreme elements of the environmental movement.

Since 1996, the obscure Antiquities Act of 1906 has been abused by the federal government. It has been used to lock up millions of acres of Western land and convert federal land to national monuments. The land can then be used by no one despite the fact that it is not endangered.

More than 50% of the the land in the West and 70% of the land in Utah is owned by the federal government as an example. Often, when Obama sealed off land for the government, it became a neglected wasteland taken over by cartels. We cannot travel on these lands because they’re dangerous and environmentalists won’t allow it.

Misusing the antiquities law to declare land national monuments takes the land off the tax rolls and prevents any of it from being used by Americans. Drug smugglers have taken over huge swaths of these lands in our country along the border.

Just look at the amount of land – this doesn’t include the water monuments – that the government owns. The Constitution does NOT allow this.

The government doesn’t allow vehicles on the land. They aren’t protecting it from criminals, and they are keeping Americans off it. It’s environmentalism gone wild. Politicians do it for votes in the end. They don’t have our best interests at heart.

The federal government under Obama seized more land in the West than prior administrations, millions of acres, and much of it contains the world’s largest shale oil deposits which are found in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. He seized much of the oceans as well.

Politicians are turning into the robber barons of old. They are nothing more than land thieves. These lands belong to the American people, not some bureaucratic entity. Private owners take better care of the land. The government should provide oversight and should not be swallowing up land like Marxists.

The administration takes a clearly Marxist approach to property ownership and use and they are preventing progress while calling themselves Progressives. They’re actually Regressives.

Congress should be looking at every one of these abuses of power and eradicating them. Another egregious example is the Consumer Protection Bureau, a rogue, unaccountable government within a government with a director who can’t be fired. No one, not the Supreme Court or Congress can monitor it and they can fund themselves. Obama put this in place as any dictator would.

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