Good news! Biden says he’s not invading Russia


President Joe Biden joked about invading Russia at a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland today. It is the last day of the dysfunctional foreign trip.

“And understand, when you run a country that does not abide by international norms, and yet you need those international norms to be somehow managed so that you can participate in the benefits that flow from them, it hurts you,” he said. “That’s not a satisfying answer: ‘Biden said he’d invade Russia.’ You know, it is not — you know.”

“By the way, that was a joke,” he said, accompanied by the equivalent of crickets chirping. “That’s not true.”

Good news. He’s not invading Russia.

By the way, the corrupt US media is regaling the successful trip.



“But my generic point is, it is — it is more complicated than that.”

“I mean, I — look, guys, I know we make foreign policy out to be this great, great skill that somehow is, sort of, like a secret code,” he said. “Pract- — all foreign policy is, is a logical extension of personal relationships.  It’s the way human nature functions.”

Biden likes to pretend he’s saying something deep, too deep for the rest of us to understand, while he is actually bloviating nonsense. Sadly, this is the depth of his knowledge of foreign policy.

Let’s not forget the trip was the Great Biden Giveaway:

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2 years ago

A fight with Russia truly is mutually assured annihilation. Traitor Joe is moron for just making the comment; He’s a Democrat. Every Democrat President in my lifetime has been a wanker excerpt JFK! If more Democrats were like JFK, I could actually consider voting for one. The problem is that if JFK was around today he’d be a Republican.

2 years ago

Is that a recycle of the Reagan we begin bombing. LAME.
Is it because Russia would stomp our ass since they don’t have pretty pink precious troops or the faculty lounge running the Pentagram?
Those untouchable subsonic missiles don’t fear any carriers and the Petraeus wannabes better figure out a solution.