Good News! It’s Not a Recession – Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes!


Joe Biden says we’re not in recession, and you can take that to the bank. After all, it’s our President-ish Joe.

The economy in Q2 of 2022 shrank for a second consecutive quarter, meeting – literally -everyone’s definition of a recession up until two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago, the White House changed the definition. Despite being widely mocked, the White House and most corrupt media are sticking to the new definition. CNN told the truth, and Fox Business noted this morning that it is being called a “technical recession.”

Biden can gaslight all he wants, but he inherited a good recovery and manipulated us into a recession. The war on fossil fuels is a big part of this. The one thing that saved Barack Obama, President Zero, with his zero growth and flat economy, was the natural gas revolution with fracking.

The economy is just in “transition,” KJP said today. “We are in a transition.”
Do any of these people in the swamp tell the truth?

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