Music Industry’s Agenda To Push Satanic and Corrupt Messages To Younger Generations


I received the following from one of the Sentinel readers. I hate posting this since the content the reader found is disgusting, but you should know what is happening. It will help you guide your children. You might want to keep your children off social media and limit the music videos they watch.

These videos are graphic and go well-beyond anti-Christianity. You can just read about it and not look at the videos if you prefer.

~ Editor

Music Industry’s Agenda To Push Satanic and Corrupt Messages

To Younger Generations

I am writing today as a concerned and very upset subscriber. The music industry has had a long history of defacing and making a mockery of Christianity, and it is something that we should NOT stay silent about anymore. I ask you to please consider the information documented below to spread awareness of these disgusting videos being published by “artist” TVEN ROMERO.

Following Lil Nas X’s viral and disgusting 2021 music video, where he seduces the devil with a strip tease, the music industry is back and making a mockery of Christianity with TVEN ROMERO’s satanic music video that was just released.

Murder with a cross on horrific music video aimed at kids.

In this video, TVEN uses the cross to murder someone after having vulgar sexual relations with another man. This “artist” is completely disrespecting the cross— a powerful symbol within Christianity. This person is also claiming to be an openly gay Catholic. And the cherry on top of it all? In the video credits, I found the name of the sexual partner that is in the video— and he is a porn star. This Mexican porn star cast in TVEN’s music video is also disgusting. This pornstar is all over the internet having unprotected gang bangs with other Latin men… And we wonder why MonkeyPox is on the rise in the U.S.?…

Link: TVEN’s Music Video
Link: Lil Nas X Music Video

Link: Porn Star Twitter Account

[Editor’s note: I had to disable the porn star Twitter account link because it is extreme gay porn. The Twitter user is Ese Juven. While he’s allowed on Twitter, Donald Trump is not. Twitter is fine with porn and terrorists like the Mullahs and Antifa. This porn star, Tven, and the accounts are demonic.]

In the past, artists like Madonna have also made a mockery of Christianity by posing as a crucified Jesus Christ throughout her 2006 Confessions Tour. Similarly, TVEN using the cross as a weapon to kill someone in his video is just as disrespectful as Lady Gaga eating a rosary in her music video for “Alejandro.”

Link: Lady Gaga Music Video
Link: Madonna Music Video

We have stayed silent in the past, but we must speak up against these disgusting values that are being projected into the minds of our children. This is complete blasphemy, and it disrespects both Christian and American values.

I hope that the team at Independent Sentinel can help spread awareness of this disgusting music video released by TVEN ROMERO and help start the conversation on how we can redirect this new generation in the right direction.

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Joe R.
Joe R.
1 year ago

Grandma was right. Elvis’ gyrations will get you madonna, and madonna’ll get you marilyn manson, and marilyn manson will get JESUS to come back early.

Gird yer Fn loins

Don't Worry About It
Don't Worry About It
1 year ago

This has ALWAYS been a problem with music, at least in the modern era since technology has made it convenient enough to easily carry music on a portable medium and play it. For decades, they have whittled our culture down to what it is now. One may ask: “what culture?” We have been the victims this whole time of cultural Marxism, for it is a slow change. One that spans the decades, and that only those with knowledge of it will even notice as it changes. If enough small, incremental changes are made undetected, you can change anything into anything else. Elvis Presley and his gyrating hips don’t seem like much to us now, but we all know how they felt about that at the time. Look at how we lowered our standards since then. We don’t even see the indecency of Presley’s acts, while merely two generations ago, well, said frankly, they weren’t about any of it.