Good News – Of the 66 People Shot in Chicago, None Were Children!


Chicago saw another weekend of senseless violence. Between Friday evening and this morning, 66 people were shot and five of them died. The good news is that, unlike previous weekends, none of the victims were children.

Last weekend, 64 people were shot and seven of them died. Several teenagers were shot. In fact, all the weekend in July and August have similar statistics.

July shootings were the deadliest for children in Chicago. Two babies and a 3-year-old girl were shot. All were caught in the crossfire and all were unintended victims.

July’s murder rate was more than double of 2019. In fact, July was the most violent month in 28 years, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. Only time, and more murders, will tell if August will top that horrible statistic.

The Chicago Sun Times reported that Chicago activists are now calling for Gov. J. B. Pritzker to declare a state of emergency and call in the Illinois National Guard. But Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has repeatedly resisted having outside agencies assist in decreasing the violence in her city.

Lightfoot went so far as to accuse four city aldermen pushing for intervention by the National Guard of “grandstanding.”

Meanwhile, Mayor Lightfoot has police protecting her house and neighborhood. Citizens in the rest of her city are left to fend for itself.

The violent long hot summer in Chicago will likely continue unabated. At least for now, children are in school. All they have to worry about there is the Coronavirus.

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