LA Mayor Garcetti lives in a mansion with walls and security


Eric Garcetti, the far-left mayor of Los Angeles, is against walls, guns, the police, and the rich, except when it comes to himself. He lives in a mansion with walls and he has round-the-clock security. But, he is one of the elite, comrade.

Who can forget when he called the police “killers.” He’s defunding them as in taking a lot of their budget and giving it to his favored leftist groups.

While he lives in splendor, the peons have to wear masks at all times.

Like most Bolsheviks, he told neighbors to rat on one another for any virus sin they might commit.

Garcetti believes in open borders and will provide taxpayer-funded lawyers to illegal aliens so they get to stay in the USA. He is fond of sanctuaries for all illegal aliens, even criminals, as well. No walls for him.

The mayor calls gang violence and other criminal offenses gun violence whenever possible because he wants your guns.


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