Google, NBC, & a foreign entity gang-up to de-monetize Zerohedge & The Federalist


An NBC News report prompted Google to de-monetize two popular conservative websites, The Federalist and Zerohedge. They banned them from their ad revenue network after the NBC News Verification Unit reported them to Google.

Google’s ban came after the company was notified of research conducted by the far-far-left Center for Countering Digital Hate, a British nonprofit that combats online hate and misinformation — from the right.

They found that 10 U.S-based websites have published what they say are racist articles about the protests, and projected that the websites would make millions of dollars through Google Ads.


Google blocked The Federalist from its advertising platform after the NBC News Verification Unit brought the project to its attention.

ZeroHedge had already been demonetized before the report, Google said. ZeroHedge and The Federalist did not respond to requests for comment.

To summarize, a far-left British organization says The Federalist and Zerohedge are writing racist articles, and a NBC News Verification Unit takes that information to Google to get both Zerohedge and The Federalist banned.

This is not journalism, and who are these people to decide who is hateful and who isn’t?

The NBC News reporter Adele-Momoko Fraser is trying to silence the right, but she couldn’t even get her story straight. She said The Federalist was de-monetized and it wasn’t and she claimed two ‘hateful’ articles were Zerohedge’s but they were a third party’s.

The self-appointed arbiter of hate also claims the following sites are hateful, and they’re right-wing of course: American Greatness, Moonbattery, American Thinker, Big League Politics, WND, The Washington Standard, Gateway Pundit, and Breitbart.

As Dan Bongino said, this is “speech suppression and tech tyranny”:

Google resolved the issue with The Federalist and worked with them to remove the comments section:

Comments section?

Zerohedge is appealing the de-monetization and said half the article is wrong. The two articles the British hate speech arbiter didn’t like, one from 2016, were op-eds, not even his work.

Tucker said Google is colluding with a foreign power to interfere in the election:



  1. When Tucker explained the change of Senator Mike Lee he walked right into what Peter Schweizer details in this video. It’s called the “Milker Bill”. Then there’s also the “Double Milker Bill”. Another angle is a company that builds in the district of a member of Congress, such as Lee’s about-face with Google and Anti-Trust.

  2. The NBC News London correspondent who admits collaborating with far left groups to remove conservative news site funding (The Federalist & Zero Hedge)– has an interesting if predictable history: She is far left left wing deceitful liar.

    Fraser has bounced around news organizations: CBS for a few months, Channel 4, Sky News, and has now ended up at NBC in London. .

    Adele-Momoko Fraser on Face Book: .

    Adele-Momoko Fraser on Twitter: .

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