Gov Cuomo: it’s ‘bad news’ the vaccine came out during Trump admin


Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) was all over New York media this morning. He thinks it’s ‘bad news’ that news of the COV vaccine came out during the Trump administration.

In fact, Donald Trump is responsible for this vaccine coming to the final stages so quickly. He cut regulations and formed government-private industry partnerships to make it happen.

Cuomo decided he still has an opportunity to make this a Biden victory by claiming the process of distribution is flawed. He is threatening to stop the distribution. He said it’s dangerous to have private providers handle it, claiming it left out some populations in the past. There is no evidence that populations were left out by private providers. Help was offered for free to everyone.

Andrew is the man who is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of elderly in New York due to a very flawed nursing home policy. When he was caught, he lied about it. He even took his policy that caused the nursing home problem off the NYS website, and then said he never mandated COV patients to nursing homes. Cuomo did do that and he had an empty hospital ship and a fairly empty Javitts Center at the time.

Now, Cuomo might prevent New Yorkers who want the vaccine from getting it.


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