Gov Cuomo orders containment and troops in New Rochelle


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered the National Guard to the suburb of New Rochelle to contain the virus in the worst-affected areas. The Guard will deliver food to people in the area, help with cleaning, and protect the containment order. Cuomo wants every school and place of worship wiped down. A satellite testing facility will also be set up.

The state will close schools and places of worship in New Rochelle for two weeks.

That might not do it, however, since it is believed the virus incubates for up to 24 days. This is all for show. The virus doesn’t live that long on objects. It’s spread mostly person-to-person.

Cuomo dubbed the one-mile area as the “largest cluster of cases in America.”

“This is unique in the United States of America, we haven’t seen this anywhere else. Think about it, New Rochelle has double the cases of New York City, it’s true, it’s a phenomenon,” Cuomo told reporters Tuesday in announcing the deployment.

There are more than 100 cases of coronavirus in Westchester County. There are 36 in New York City as of this writing, and the total in New York is 173. Fourteen of the 173 are hospitalized. Two school bus drivers on Long Island tested positive for Coronavirus.

New York National Guard troops have already been dispatched to a health department command post in New Rochelle “to assist with the outbreak,” according to a slide he presented at a news briefing.

“We have moved from a containment strategy to more of a mitigation strategy,” NY state Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker said.

People will still be able to walk around town, and grocery stores will remain open.

Cuomo stressed that the state isn’t restricting people from leaving the area. “You’re not containing people, it’s facilities. Somebody who lives in that containment area could be in this room today. There’s nothing you can do about that,” he said.

“This is likely going to get worse before it gets better,” the U.S. surgeon general says.

If Trump did this, the media would go wild and claim it’s martial law.

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Heel and Toe Hiker
Heel and Toe Hiker
3 years ago

Germs don’t stand and salute nor do they fear guns. I thought guns were bad?
The National Guard better not deploy to Colorado Springs where toy guns are feared.

3 years ago

I hate everything to do with that place and have been there many times. Too bad they are too ignorant to vote the scum out…