Gov-Elect Shapiro Plans Demise of Fracking & Pipelines


According to Jeff Flock on FOX Business Network, brand new Pennsylvania Gov.Shapiro will crack down on the state’s energy sector. He’s with the Biden administration 100%, and Pennsylvanians voted for their demise. Shapiro isn’t even in the office, and he’s planning the death of the energy sector.

As Attorney General of the state, Shapiro investigated fracking companies in the state, which resulted in charges against a couple of drilling companies. He’s going to build on that. They are his targets.

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Pennsylvania is one of the largest fossil fuel producers in the U.S, accounting for 9% of the country’s total natural gas production. It’s also the third-largest provider of energy to other states and the fourth-largest carbon dioxide emitter.

Unfortunately, the hyped-up, exaggerated climate change scare has affected voting patterns. Without using any critical thinking skills, they’re willing to vote for someone who will destroy energy with nothing to replace it.


Shapiro is looking at “responsible fracking,” which means more regulations (taxation), more expensive energy, and limited pipelines.

The new governor pledged to adopt the recommendations of a grand jury report he commissioned as attorney general that suggested expanding “no-drill” zones, requiring disclosure of fracking chemicals before they are on-site, regulating smaller pipelines, and conducting “comprehensive health responses” to the effects of living near fracking sites.

In a plan on his campaign website, Shapiro said he would invest in the research, development, and design of zero-carbon technologies such as nuclear, hydrogen, and carbon capture, efforts he says would support business and job creation.

Invest? Don’t you need money for that?

Carbon capture is a gimmick the state can use to take over farmland.

He similarly has said he would focus on growing clean energy. On his campaign website, Shapiro said he would raise the 2030 renewable or clean electricity production target. The current goal of 8% will go to 30%. It will reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

This move negatively impacts manufacturing and petrochemicals. More inflation is coming.

Via Fox Business

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Spurwing Plover
Spurwing Plover
6 months ago

They really like the Green stuff with big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on it those anti-Fracking bunch of idiots those back to nature freaks who want to force us all to live they they do should all be stranded in the Wilderness for aa whole month and let’s see how they like it away from their comfortable homes and beds and no copies of their Animal Rights newsletters to run their noses through

6 months ago

I see a wolf !! Nooo really I really did see one this time
I see a fraud!!
No really I really did see one this time

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
6 months ago

GREED AND MONEY is their altar.

6 months ago

This is what you get when you let Democrats Steal Elections.

Trump Won
Trump Won
6 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Why, how can they this happen again? We have stolen elections throughout the country and they’re going to get away with it again. This is an outrage.