There Wasn’t Any Youthquake But Here’s How the Voting Went Down


The entire media reported a youthquake killed the red wave. That’s only partially true. The media misrepresented the GenZs. Most reporters are simply parrots and investigate nothing. They give the wrong impression to get clicks.

They told readers GenZ voting was different from 2018, and no one expected it. GenZs were reportedly angry about abortion and democracy. They might be angry, especially about abortion, given the misinformation, but their votes were nothing unusual. It wasn’t a youthquake. Nonetheless, they did make a significant difference, along with everyone else not moving from their respective positions.

In Pennsylvania, for instance, youth 18-19 preferred John Fetterman by 70%. Since the race was very close, within three percentage points, they did push him over the top. In Wisconsin, they preferred Gov. Tony Evers by 70%. Evers only won by two percentage points. In Georgia, they preferred Raphael Warnock by 63%. He’s tied with Hershel Walker.

It wasn’t a youthquake. It was the continuation of GenZ’s voting for the far-left as in 2018. Their votes vary by race, ethnicity, and so on. GenZs of color lean 91% left. They are not a monolith, and no one should have been surprised.

Even though the media exaggerated and misrepresented the Youthquake, a consistent majority of youth, mostly voting left, did make a significant difference in swing states. What is apparent in the numbers is that older people weren’t convinced to change their votes. The dial barely moved. That is the big news. Everyone is in their corners, and nothing will dissuade them.

The big news is everyone voted fairly consistently. Biden’s failures didn’t mean much. The dial doesn’t move much any more.

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A November 10th story at Tufts Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement stated that youth made the difference in swing states. They predicted it on Election Day based on their research.

“According to this exit poll data, youth ages 18-29 are the only age group in which a strong majority supported Democrats. Voters ages 30-44 split their votes nearly evenly 51%-47%, between Democrats and Republicans, while older voters favored the GOP. The youth share of all votes cast is 12%, on par with the 13% youth share from the 2018 midterm election. Vote choice and share data may continue to shift in the coming hours.”

The Tuft’s numbers indicate that about 35% of the GenZ voted Democrat, but it represented 12% of the youth share of the vote. It was down from 13% in 2018. That’s not a youthquake.

“CIRCLE’s exclusive analysis of youth votes cast and vote choice in major electoral battlegrounds shows that young people had a profound impact in several races across the country, notably in sunbelt states from Georgia to Arizona, and in the upper Midwest like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.”

Tuft’s “used data from AP VoteCast, which both nationally and in nearly all states reported a smaller youth share of the vote for Democrats than other data sources like the Edison Research exit poll. To provide the highest degree of certainty about young voters’ impact, these are the more conservative estimates of their electoral influence, which may have been even larger.”

Net votes are the votes that exceed the final margin in the race as of Election Day.

David Shor also stated that “As an issue Democracy tested quite poorly (which is why only ~1% of senate ads mentioned it), but it was a big reason why Democrats (particularly in Gov and SoS races) were able to outspend Republicans by so much (it turned GOP donors off too!).”

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 months ago

Young people and non-whites tend to vote left,

and as young and non-whites are replacing old white people ( who tend to vote right) and as older people die, the nation moves further left,

the future is; whites are being replaced and conservatives are being replaced.

As a white man I think this sad.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
6 months ago

The GenZeros are mosty composed of zombies, and like zombies, they have no brain, no thought, and no clue about anything. The GIVE-ME I-WANT generation of failures and rejects.Typical.

6 months ago

Gen-Z and Millennials are effectively BOTs devoid of free thought. Democrats have put a lot of effort, along with Big Tech, to target and control them via Smart Phone. They are groomed in school to reject their instinctive survival and moral code which is imprinted in their DNA and have been reprogrammed to accept Liberalism. By their teens they are already dependent their parents and government for everything. A Hundred years ago, most 16 to 20 y/o were self sufficient with a job, getting married, and starting their own family. Today they aren’t even interest in getting a driving license and the mobility it provides. In fact, kids today don’t even care to ride a bicycle; they are content with living life through a Smart Phone in their bedroom. As a result, they have become comfortable with low expectations for their future. They will own nothing and be content.

Over the last 50 years, my generation laughed at futuristic movies of the Borg, the Matrix, etc., but in the last 10 years we see them coming true. I began to see the problem 30 years ago living in Asia. Americans and Brits would give their young trophy wife’s a Game Boy and they would happily amuse themselves for hours on end, while their Husbands played Poker and solved the problems of the World – Literally. Many of us worked in Oil and High Tech bringing Energy and Communications to the 3rd World.

Fast forward 15 years and the Smart Phone arrives on the scene. Not only is it as captivating as the Game Boy was, it was a Communications device. Big Tech already knew they could track people on their computers and analyze their behavior, but now they had a portable device and data centers to store and process this information. They didn’t do this to benefit Mankind, they did it for profit and Government approved because they wanted control. Now the goal is total control because they have figured out how to make these devices more additive than Crack Cocaine and they can control information and thus people’s “perceived reality” via these little handheld devices.

Today over 2/3 of the World is addicted to these devices and at least 1/3 can be manipulated to do things which are clearly not in their best interest via these devices. This isn’t a National Problem, it’s a Worldwide Problem for all of Humanity. Just look around. How many people do you still see walking around wearing mask even when REAL SCIENCE has totally proven their ineffectiveness. Look at how Faux Science and Misinformation has been used to create the paralyzing panic of “man-made climate change” throughout the population under 40 y/o.

Until we have true free speech again where people are allowed to say what they think, without being cancelled by the BOT armies, mankind is in trouble. Government and Corporate Control of Speech must be crushed, but what we have seen is that they have illegally and un-Constitutionly banned together for Wealth and Power! I see the World heading towards another Dark Ages. We are already seeing a period very similar to the Inquisition, but it’s Christians who are now being persecuted.

6 months ago

Those older voters who favor the GOP are dying out and many are becoming disillusioned by what they see as cheating or else their vote not mattering anymore. The youth are fired up. Doesn’t bode well for the country anymore.

6 months ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat

So true!