Gov Kemp will set up camps for future Democrats from Afghanistan


Governor Brian Kemp is open to taking refugees from Afghanistan. The refugees will undoubtedly vote for Democrats when they get their citizenship.

Who thinks there is a risk of terrorists in the mix or do you all trust Biden’s vetting process?

Kemp said in a statement that “it is vitally important to keep those who partnered with American armed forces over the last 20 years safe from harm” even as he criticized the military withdrawal by President Joe Biden that triggered chaos in Afghanistan.

“Joe Biden has broken his word to the nation, the Afghans and the world, but we as Americans cannot break our word to those who lent aid to us in our mission to defend freedom and bring justice to those who attacked our country on September 11,” he said.

Republican governors in Maryland, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Utah have expressed willingness to accept refugees, as have a number of Democratic leaders. And top GOP contenders in Georgia’s 2022 contests have also called for the state to take in allies desperate for safe passage to the U.S.


“The International Rescue Committee reports that more than 300,000 Afghan civilians have been linked to the American mission over the past two decades, though a far smaller number will qualify for protection in the U.S. Of those, thousands are mired in a backlog seeking special immigrant visas,” AJC reports.

“Though Biden is facing intense criticism for the troop pullout, there’s been broad bipartisan consensus for helping the Afghan civilians who aided the U.S. over the past two decades,” according to the outlet.

They’ll never get as many evacuated as they want with 5,000 a day until August 31st and Taliban beating or shooting at people who try to get into the airport. Although, the Taliban will undoubtedly let terrorists go through.

And what about the American citizens stuck in Afghanistan?

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