Governor [for now] Cuomo told staffers to discredit accuser Lindsey Boylan


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that [Emperor] Governor Andrew Cuomo called around to different staffers and told them to discredit his accusers.

“In the days after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was first accused of sexual harassment by a former aide, the governor’s office called at least six former employees either to find out if they had heard from the accuser or to glean information about her in conversations that some said they saw as attempts to intimidate them.”

The recipients of these calls, in some cases, hadn’t heard from Cuomo’s office in months. Others said the callers wanted them to give reporters any info that would discredit Lindsey Boylan.

The calls came from his top aides.

“I felt intimidated, and I felt bewildered,” said Ana Liss, a former aide to the governor who received one of the calls.

So many want Cuomo gone, but especially the progressives, and they want him gone, not for the deaths of the elderly and ensuing cover-up, but rather for MeToo.

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