Great News from Trump’s Rally! CBS: “Looked A Lot Like America”


CBS News said that Trump’s rally in the South Bronx “looked a lot like America.” There were Asian, Black, and Hispanic voters. Trump’s campaign wants to capitalize on a movement away from Joe Biden. This rally was held in the South Bronx, a beaten-down minority area. They’ve suffered under Democrats, especially Biden. They aren’t looking for freebies. They want opportunity. Mr. Trump should hit Brooklyn and Queens next. Some areas would welcome him or at least listen. You should know that AOC’s organized rally at the other end of Crotona Park only had roughly 300 people.

Even MSNBC admitted the truth.

Even CNN admitted the rally was successful. The reporter found many people from the Bronx and more attendees than Democrats would like to see.

Donald Trump said he is the president for all Americans. He talked about his work with Tim Scott, and that has been successful, not the garbage no-bail laws Democrats are pushing.

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By way of comparison, Democrat Hochul called them all clowns.

Full Rally

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