Bronx Counter Rally: a Few Anti-Trumpers Cursing, Loud Music


I twice mentioned that AOC organized a counter-rally yesterday to make Donald Trump look bad. She didn’t attend, but that probably wouldn’t have mattered. Very few showed up, but they were loud and vulgar.

Good news, it bombed.

WABC radio reported that Democrats planned the rally at the other end of Crotona Park.

Local Fox News also reported about the protest. Rosanna Scotto said it looked like Trump would have “record crowds at the Bronx rally,” which “is kind of unheard of for this area.” She said the Democrats were trying to reach out to the media to get the word out that they wanted counter-protesters. “Which is kind of interesting because they don’t want his voice to be heard, only their voice,” she said.

There were thousands at the Trump rally.

If Democrats don’t want dictators, Trump is their man.

Dems and their FUs

Democracy to an authoritarian Democrat is Marxism:

Here’s a nice ad for you:

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