GUILTY! A Sobbing Anthony Weiner Faces the Judge and Had Faced Ten Years in Prison


We updated this article and headline after the plea deal was announced.

Anthony Weiner is guilty of sexting with a minor and pled guilty before a judge Friday.

The then-50-year old transmitted lewd pictures and worse to a girl who was 15 years of age. The charges were reduced to a single charge of transmitting obscene material.

He cried in court today as he faced the judge and apologized to the child he was sexting with.

Weiner has at various times called himself “Carlos Danger” and a “deceptively strong mongoose” on Twitter.

He was facing ten years in prison but made a deal. If the sentence is 21 to 27 months, he promised he would not appeal. He will also have to register as a sex offender. That could clear the way for him to run for office in crazy New York City again.

The incidents took place between January and March of last year. At first he said it was a “hoax”.

The girl is troubled as well as young. He told her to dress up in school-girl outfits and engage in rape fantasies. At one point he said,  “I would bust that tight p***y”.  Weiner asked her to undress and encouraged her to touch herself and say his name over video chat.

Weiner is a former congressman and a former candidate for NYC mayor because that’s how politics rolls, especially in New York. He is also the sometimes-estranged husband of Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin.

Now arrest Hillary for sharing classified information with a pedophile.


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