Hannity Torches “Pervert Kimmel”, Disney’s “Harvey Weinstein Jr.”


Jimmy Kimmel is a failed late-night comedian who gets his talking points from Chuck Schumer. Kimmel thinks he’s a gun and healthcare expert as he rips opposing opinions on his show. He’s nasty as opposed to funny, and, as far as Sean Hannity is concerned, he apparently went too far when he mocked Melania Trump.

Melania is a beautiful, bright woman who speaks five languages. She is an immigrant to the United States. Kimmel decided she’d make a good pinata and made fun of her accent. He also questioned her role in the Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn.

Hannity responded, calling him an “assclown” and “Harvey Weinstein Jr.” Kimmel responded, saying he just said he was doing those things while Trump was actually doing it [there is not proof he did]. That didn’t go over well with Hannity who promised to dedicate this evening’s show to Kimmel.

Kimmel has a history of lewd behavior and comments towards women. Hannity tweeted about some of his comments, such as “Asking 18 year old girls to grab his crotch and “put their mouth on it”. Jimmy that’s you being a pervert asshole. How would you feel if that was your daughter? I bet @Disney is so proud.”

Kimmel tweeted Hannity, “no one likes you”, just like a 6th grader might say. Kimmel thinks Rachel Maddow is beating Hannity “bigly”. Actually, it’s “barely”.

Kimmel’s potty mouth was on full display.

This clip is from one of Kimmel’s man shows.


Media Matters has already weighed in on Kimmel’s behalf of course. The far-left rag has been publishing hit pieces on Hannity almost daily. They are trying to take Hannity down, but if he does go down, he will go down fighting.

As for Kimmel, he’s been vile, and insulting the elegant Melania is truly despicable. It’s par for the course for him and his leftist buddies.

Kimmel the vile gets his information from Chuckie Schumer by his own admission to give you an idea of what he is.

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