Hanoi Jane Wants to Murder Pro-Life Politicians


Jane Fonda, Hanoi Jane, a traitor, now wants to murder pro-life politicians. She wasn’t really kidding, although Joy Behar tried to say she was “kidding.” Fonda is a committed ideologue.

I tripped her father down concrete steps at the circus with my little parasol – by mistake – I was 4. I tripped the wrong Fonda. I actually remember it. There was such a fuss, but Henry was so kind to me after I did it. Plus, my mother never let me forget it. She said, “Oh my God, you tripped Henry Fonda.”

Isn’t it ironic that Jane wants to kill people who want to save babies only inches from birth?

In 2018, hard-left Hanoi Jane was calling for ICE agents’ addresses to be published along with the addresses of their children’s schools.

Hanoi Jane is like much of Hollywood, hypocritical, narcissistic, communistic, and not very nice. She is a communist, and at least one of her husbands was a communist. Her performance at the Women’s March in the height of their popularity was her usual hard-left spiel.

Hanoi Jane with the Viet Cong who were shooting down US pilots.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago

Rich spoiled brats never turn out good. Far into adulthood, she exhibits adolescent behavior in public. She should go have a sit in somewhere on abortion.

That’s a great story about tripping him. He has some responsibility for her behavior. Fame got in the way of parenting. So did his 5 marriages. He was a big Ted Kennedy supporter so had to be well on the left.

Last edited 11 months ago by The Prisoner