Gov. DeSantis Tells Allies He Will Run for President


There is little doubt that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will run for the presidency. We have more evidence. He is telling allies that he will.

The Washington Post reported that a political committee for DeSantis will serve as the launching pad for the governor’s higher office ambitions…

“Sources expect DeSantis to finish out Florida’s legislative session in May before announcing a run. The Republican’s near total control over the state’s governing body gives DeSantis an unfettered opportunity to implement his ambitious agenda before any presidential campaign.”

Governor DeSantis is in Iowa with Governor Kim Reynolds. They will stop in Des Moines and Davenport. It is his first visit to an early voting state in next year’s Republican primary.

I think it’s a good idea. It’s good to have another acceptable candidate should the Left succeed in destroying Donald Trump’s candidacy.

Mr. Trump thinks it’s a betrayal, but I disagree. We need a backup given the situation. The Left is trying to get him arrested in Manhattan and Georgia. The DOJ might arrest him. We have to be realistic.

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6 months ago

I thought DeSantis was smart. Nope. He’s dumb. When Trump kicks his ass in the primaries, he’ll just be another loser candidate run over by Trump. He should play it smart and position himself for ’28. His financial supporters must be Trump haters using him to get Trump out.Once he loses, those same people will just kick him to the curb as another loser.

Mad Celt
Mad Celt
6 months ago

Trump talks too much, DeSantis not enough.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
6 months ago

I consider it a betrayal. And he promised his state he would serve a full term.

DeSantis supports the Ukraine war, enthusiastically. He does not talk about the stolen 2020 election. He supports the arrest and trials of J6 protesters. He is associated with rich RINOs who are funding.

Unless I see a big change in DeSantis, I will not support him. I stopped pulling levers for republicans long ago. Unless a candidate is explicitly USA first in all major issues, I will not vote for them, I am tired of being fooled.

The leak to the establishment/CIA WP again shows DeSantis is in cahoots with them. DeSantis is sending out suspicious signals everywhere.