Happy New Year’s from the Drunks at CNN


Racist drunk Don Lemon was on CNN ringing in the New Year imbibing and saying something about white power. He said he got a new tattoo which he later showed people. It said ‘Lemon for 2020’ — I think.

It wasn’t real.

This is how CNN celebrates New Year’s live each year. Andy Cohen joked about using heroin and there were some sexual innuendos. Later in the evening, Lemon showed his host, Brooke Baldwin, his penned tattoo. Baldwin appeared drunk as well.

Two narcissists, on a fake news show, drunk as lords, celebrating and talking trash. We didn’t want you to miss it.

This was last year.

Never letting a politicized moment go to waste, Trump-hating Anderson said last year that the Cohen feud reminded him of the arguments between Sarah Sanders and idiot showboater Jim Acosta.


He got a drunken piercing in 2018.

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