Harvard U Implements Segregation in Graduation


Harvard University’s Office for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging hosted “affinity celebrations” again at its 2024 commencement.

Harvard plans to hold a “Disability Celebration,” a “Global Indigenous Celebration,” an “Asian American, Pacific Islander, Desi-American (APIDA) Celebration,” a “First Generation-Low Income Celebration,” a “Jewish Celebration,” a “Latinx Celebration,” a “Lavender Celebration” — which refers to LGBT students — a “Black Celebration,” a “Veterans Celebration,” and an “Arab Celebration.”

Do you know what is missing here?

This is one of our ‘elite’ universities. Why are they dividing people by race and ideology? Oh, wait, I forgot they would be oppressed if Harvard only included them with white people.

The university will also hold a central commencement ceremony for students of all backgrounds.


DEI ideology is so deeply ingrained in Harvard’s culture that applicants for professorship positions must submit descriptions of their “orientation toward diversity, equity, and inclusion practices,” Harvard Law School professor Randall L. Kennedy wrote in an op-ed in the Harvard Crimson. He puts the Pledge of Allegiance in the same category. Kennedy also criticized allegiance to diversity statements. He believes that “faith in DEI, the proliferation of diversity statements poses a profound challenge to academic freedom.” He called it “soft-spoken indoctrination.”

I wouldn’t put the Pledge in the same category as racist oaths, but his point is well-taken, especially from his standpoint as a professor who supports academic freedom.

“In addition to exerting pressure towards leftist conformity, the process of eliciting diversity statements abets cynicism. Detractors reasonably suspect that underneath the uncontroversial aspirations for diversity statements…are controversial goals including the weeding out of candidates who manifest opposition to or show insufficient enthusiasm for the DEI regime,” he said.

We are supposed to be the UNITED States. This only causes more discrimination. Diversity is a strength if we are all united under common principles. Freedom should be number one, and that’s where the professor and most of us would agree.

Harvard needs more conservative professors to improve the university.

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