Harvey’s Brother Bob Seen as a “Disgusting Predator”, Abusive, “Bullying” Boss


One woman has come out to describe sexual harassment by Bob Weinstein and some – a handful – of his employees describe him as abusive. We don’t know Weinstein’s side of the story on the employees.

“Disgusting Predator”

Variety reports that Amanda Segel, an Executive Producer of ‘Mist’, was harassed by Harvey Weinstein’s brother Bob for months until her lawyer told two of the executives that she would leave the show if Bob didn’t leave her alone.

Ms. Segel told Mr. Weinstein in an email she wasn’t interested in him romantically. He then started to badmouth her work to executives, she said. He would send Segel creepy emails she told the WSJ, and even once invited her to a “party” at his place that she avoided because she suspected it was a ruse to get her alone.

She told a top network executive, in an email seen by the Wall Street Journal, that Mr. Weinstein was a “disgusting predator.”

Ms. Segel’s immediate boss, who she said had witnessed some of her interactions with Mr. Weinstein, told her in an email reviewed by the Journal: “Obviously he needs to respect that you just want to keep it friendly and stop flirting with you. He is your employer.”

After she had a lawyer call a top Weinstein Co. executive and an outside Weinstein lawyer, the contact between Weinstein and Ms. Segel ended.

“‘No’ should be enough,” Segel told Variety. “After ‘no,’ anybody who has asked you out should just move on. She is likely planning to sue Bob Weinstein.

Bob Weinstein denies the harassment allegations.

Abusive Boss

The Wall Street Journal reported that over the years, movie producer Bob Weinstein has belittled and bullied employees, shoved an executive’s spouse and pressured a subordinate (Segel) to date him, people who worked for him said. The employees described him as volatile.

A handful of employees who were named told the Wall Street Journal that Bob Weinstein has a history of aggressive, bullying workplace behavior and a tendency to abuse employees and mistreat or insult business partners.

While not as aggressive and mean-spirited as his brother Harvey, Bob reportedly compensated for being shy and socially awkward by acting like a bully after coming to prominence with Miramax in the early 1990s. From the Journal:

Once, when a marketing executive showed him a potential trailer for the film “I Got the Hookup” and asked, “What do you think?” Bob Weinstein responded, “I think it f—ing sucks,” and threw the videotape over an employee’s head after which it smashed against a wall, according to a person who witnessed the incident. Mr. Weinstein denied the incident occurred.

At the 2000 premiere of “Scary Movie,” a Dimension executive attempted to introduce his wife to his boss. Bob Weinstein stuck out his arm and shoved the woman back, the former executive recalled, as he made a beeline for stars Marlon and Shawn Wayans and director Keenen Ivory Wayans, with whom he hoped to sign a deal to make more movies. Mr. Weinstein denied that it occurred.

After his brother Harvey was exposed as a serial molester and possible rapist, Bob Weinstein gave an emotional first interview with The Hollywood Reporter, calling it a ‘waking nightmare.’

Bob now has his own nightmare.

During the interview Bob Weinstein was asked how in the world he didn’t know. His response was that he barely spoke with his brother and they run two separate companies and lead separate lives.

The Journal reported the incident that was likely the one that precipitated the final division between the brothers:

In about 2011, after an argument over how to allocate the studio’s resources between their respective movies, Harvey Weinstein punched his brother in the face in front of about a dozen other Weinstein Co. executives, knocking him to the ground, said people who were present. “I’ve been assaulted!” Bob yelled, according to those people. Bob, who was bloodied, wanted to press charges, but was talked out of it, according to a person familiar with the incident.

That relationship is what led people to think Bob is the one who leaked information to the Times. Bob has denied it.

That’s totally untrue. I could take a lie detector test on that. I didn’t and, you know, Harvey is suspicious of everybody. People that are liars — lying to his wife, to his children, to everyone — well, they have to turn around and say, “Who stabbed me?” It’s unbelievable that even to this moment he is more concerned with who sold him out. I don’t hear concern or contrition for the victims. And I want them to hear that. Harvey has no remorse whatsoever. I have spoken to him two times [since news broke], hoping to hear “Oh my God, what have I done?” I didn’t hear that.

He described his brother as a “sick” and “depraved” to abc news. He added that he is without an “ounce of remorse for his victims”. It sounds like brother Bob is less evil.

WSJ seems to think that Bob Weinstein’s track record producing smash hit horror films might be savable, and that when Weinstein Compant sells its assets, Bob might be left to run his Dimension films label as an independent company.

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