Hey, Pa, Uncle Joe’s Going to Shut Down All the Coal Plants Across America


“We’re gonna be shutting these plants down all across America, and having wind and solar.”

~ Joe Biden

Biden is going to shut down coal plants all across America! Thank Joe for letting us know before Tuesday.

His plan is to put all these people out of business and have us all freeze. We will have to live without enough electricity. Great idea, Joe. Let’s vote for all his candidates on Tuesday.

He’s going to shut 40% of our power out of the grid! Forget those electric cars! He’s also, obviously, very happy that all the workers will lose their jobs.

There is no way wind and solar can sustain the population. If they added nuclear power, it’s conceivable, but they won’t. In any case, it would take time. This Biden character is dangerous.

That should be a deal killer.

This is, pathetically foolish. It would be funny otherwise.

One funny note. I put up a comment about Biden being a dangerous dope and got a message from Twitter that people on Twitter don’t talk like this [except when they’re threatening me]. I put it up anyway since i’m shadow banned and it makes no difference.


Windmills and solar cannot be stored or recycled reasonably. They cannot be disposed of reasonably. They cannot replace our current energy system. This is madness, and the person in the Oval Office and his doctor wife are ruining our country with this nonsense.

We still need coal, oil, and gas and will for some time.

Make this insanity stop, please!

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2 months ago

Joe Biden does not have the power OR authority to do such a thing. Executive orders do NOT carry the weight of law. PERIOD! Ignore them and tell him to fvck off.

2 months ago

His Executive order will drop Wednesday the 9th. Wait 4 it !! And more Surprises.

3 months ago

If Traitor Joe wants to put Liberals in the Dark and let them freeze that’s OK with me. Down here in Mississippi we only have 3 Coal fired Plants. Most of our power comes form Nuclear and Natural Gas. The 10% of Coal Power is also supplied primarily from a Coal mine in the State, so I’d like to how he will shut those Coal fired plants down. Interstate Commerce won’t apply! As for me, I’ll soon be 80% solar. We got all the parts in and I’m working on the installation now.

Traitor Joe has calculated the Coal fired Plants serve more Red States than Blue States, but most of those States also have Natural Gas and Coal mines in the State. The Red States also have a lower population Density and are more open to Nuclear Power.

If Traitor Joe attempts this, I think that would force the Congress to Impeach Him! I also don’t know how a President can even have that kind of power anyway. The Court fights will be interesting.

r koz
r koz
2 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Glad to hear about the 80%. Thats the way you transition. You have the means and desire to do it. Now imagine the gov. MANDATING (theres that word again) you do it. Thats what rubs most ppl off now.

2 months ago
Reply to  r koz

Since Traitor Joe wrecked the Economy it makes Financial Sense for me and I have the resources. My electrical rates are already up 40%. Solar still isn’t really ready for prime time. Solar does not scale well and is not reliable. It lacks the Power Density to support a Manufacturing Nation. It’s only viable for me now because I have the acreage needed and Government screwed up the Free Market. Personally, I see moving to Nuclear Power as being a far better long term option. Traitor Joe is causing America to waste Trillions a year going in the Wrong Direction! This is why the Federal Government has way too much power and should be stripped of all “Mandate” power!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
3 months ago

“This is, pathetically foolish.” Amen!
Early in USA history we did not have career politicians. People came to office with real life experience.
Joe Biden, a 50 year career politician does not know, nor can her understand “real life”. He has been clueless for at least 40 years and probably really never grew up into real life. People call him “clueless Joe” now because of his senility, but the title was earned and deserved most of his life.
No one should be surprised now what his warped perspective of life produces.\
Will voters repeat the mistake by electing more people like Joe to the 118th Congress? to state officers and even local government offices?
Me? I am literally praying for a miracle of a truly “awakened” people with common sense and new leaders who understand and care. I want to see the USA as a light for the world, with the benefit flowing to all nations.
Thanks are due to people like M. Dowling for doing the things that could help my dream come true!

John Vieira
3 months ago

Fifty years of media “control” and mail in ballots may actually swing it for them without resorting to escalating the Ukraine ‘conflict’…