Highly Informative Presser: Donald Trump with Speaker Johnson


Donald Trump stood with the Speaker today, acknowledging that Speaker Johnson’s job is very difficult. It went smoothly as he praised both Speaker Johnson and his critic Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Trump asserted that none of the wars should have taken place. He insisted that Europe has to start paying up, and money to Ukraine has to be a loan.

The first clip covers the discussion of illegal immigration, and the full video can be watched here.

In the Q&A, President Trump spoke about abortion and said it’s a shame it’s being brought up since we have much bigger problems. We are in danger of accelerating wars, and our president can’t put two sentences together or get off the stage safely. He stated his position on abortion is that the Democrats are extreme on the issue, and it’s in the hands of the states where it should be.

Mr. Trump said he is not a fan of FISA.

Donald Trump addressed the ridiculous criminal NDA case in Manhattan which he described as election interference. He told reporters to read the comments of the legal scholars who say it is not a case.

The world is on fire, and the only way Biden thinks he can win is by putting his opponent on trial, Trump said.

Donald Trump thinks it’s pathetic for the president to put out a warning that Iran might bomb Israel. This should not have happened. Biden allowed Iran to get rich after Trump had bankrupted the terror regime. He also noted that Iraq is now a subsidiary of Iran, and they have $300 billion.

If you watch these clips, imagine Joe Biden holding this presser and answering questions like this.

Here is the shocking issue of illegal aliens possibly voting:

This is the Q&A, and it’s very worthwhile. This is a very presidential handling of tough questions:

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