Rep. Garcia to Dir. Wray: You’re “Untrustworthy” & “Ineffective”


Rep. Mike Garcia, R-Calif., blatantly told FBI Director Christopher Wray that he does not trust him while accusing him of not being transparent. He told Wray he has been “relatively silent” about the southern border.

As Rep. Garcia said, we can’t trust him to protect us. Wray is political. When Wray talks about terrorism, he doesn’t mention the open borders. He mentioned it twice. Wray is putting us into a “clear and present danger.”

Rep. Garcia told Wray he was “untrustworthy” and “ineffective,” and he said the biggest problem is the American people don’t trust him.

Dir. Wray’s response was he was consistent and disagreed strongly. Garcia wanted to know if he went to Biden and told him how bad the border is. Naturally, Wray won’t tell the truth. He is truly a waste of a deep state politician who is willing to put us in danger.

Garcia told Wray he’s ignoring “the biggest national security threat” to the U.S. – referring to the southern border — and refused to give “little credence” to the director’s ability to do his job or lead the “brave agents” below him.

“I Don’t Trust You!”

“I don’t trust you to protect us,” Garcia said. “I think because of your inability to lead and also shape the policies and the DOJ and at the White House, we are now in a more precarious position than we were, I would submit, than we were on September 10th of 2001.”

“Last year, I guess the last two years in a row…the FBI seized enough fentanyl to kill 270 million American people,” he said. “And that gives you a sense of the scale of what we’re up against.”

“You have been unable to change the policies driven by your leadership,” Garcia told Wray, adding he was ineffective at shaping policies that affect national security.

“Can I just get a simple yes or no response,” Garcia asked. “Does the border policy make your job easier or harder, or are we safer or less safe due to the open border policy?”

Wray strongly disagreed with Wray and thought he’d been transparent. Wray is a slimy swamp critter and doesn’t seem to know it.

Garcia asked Wray if he had told Biden, “border policy is a galactic stupid policy from a national security perspective,” and if so, how it had gone.

“Well, I’m not going to get into specific conversations with people,” Wray said. “I’ve been consistent in my message externally and internally about my concerns about the threats that are from the FBI’s perspective, that emanate from the border.”

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