Hillary Clinton Confronted with World War III at IGP


The warmongers in the administration want to give $100 billion we don’t have to Taiwan, Ukraine, and Israel. They know it might start World War III, and they don’t care. At the same time, they’re funding terrorists. The Biden administration and people like Lindsey Graham suggest we go to war with Iran; they don’t care or understand the repercussions.

So along comes a lone man at the IGP, the Institute of Global Politics forum confronting Hillary Clinton who melts down. The transcript doesn’t do her response justice.

Man in the Audience: “I know you’re not sorry; that’s the point,” the man in the audience said to Hillary. “The hypocrisy of this speech, the hypocrisy … President Joe Biden’s speech. This is clearly a warmongering speech. President Joe Biden is calling for $100 billion of funding for Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine, and we’re supposed to just bundle these together and pretend like we’re going to rush to World War III. And we’re all just going to let Hillary Rodham Clinton sit here.”

Hillary Clinton: “…you’re welcome to come talk, you can, you can sit here, OK?”…

Man in the Audience: “Right, you’re gonna wait for me, right? Please, I don’t, I do not believe you. I do not believe you. Respectfully, I do not believe you, and the fact of the matter is that the American people’s voice are what needs to be heard because our president is not speaking for the American people, and neither are you.”

Hillary Clinton: “…that’s your opinion.”

Man in the Audience: “That’s my opinion but…

Hillary Clinton: “Well, … sit down. We’ve heard your opinion. Thank you very much…”

Man in the Audience: “I’m not gonna stop. I’m not gonna stop working. I’m gonna wait here. I’m gonna exercise my free speech until…”

Hillary claimed it wasn’t free speech if he was interrupting. Watch for more. The man in the audience is a hero who won’t end up in prison.


We would not be about to go to war now if Biden and his Marxist advisors weren’t in power. He backs our enemies and puts them on an equal footing with their victims, thinking we will all have our Kumbaya moment.

The terrorists would kill any American as well as any Jew. Meanwhile, we’ve wasted our resources in a Ukraine war which never should have happened.

Maybe pronouns, girls, and trans soldiers shouldn’t be our top priority.

Biden has set the world on fire.

Benny says neocons are done, but the gap between Democrats and their voters is far wider than that of Republicans:

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