Hillary Clinton Explains Her 2016 Loss Was Over “Snookered” Trump Voters


Hillary Clinton was on CNN with Fareed Zakaria Sunday to explain what the President is doing wrong with Iran, North Korea, Russia, the NFL, and she listed all the many reasons she lost, but her shining moment came when she demeaned Trump voters yet again. They are not only deplorable, they are ‘snookered’.

Trump voters are being “snookered” she insists. In other words, Trump voters have been hoodwinked or made into his dupes. She obviously doesn’t think much of half the nation’s intelligence for not voting for her.

Most people think she is trying to “snooker” us.

Clinton told the admiring Zakaria, “We have to do a better job number one of explaining to people, you are being snookered. You know what? The real threat to your future is a government that doesn’t care about you and is taking actions that will make your life even harder and is favoring the wealthy beyond anything we have ever ever seen before.”

So, there you have it, if you didn’t vote for her, you didn’t get it, and if you don’t like her authoritative government, you are not going to be cared for.

The reality is that Hillary lost because she was a terrible candidate. She lied constantly, compromised national security, took a lazy approach to campaigning, didn’t even visit key states, and her entire focus was on insulting her opponent and pushing divisive identity politics. She stood for nothing and still doesn’t.

She did lose because of Trump voters but not because they were “snookered”.

The failed presidential candidate still thinks she won the election and won’t stop acting as if people are waiting breathlessly for her views on policy and the reasons why she lost the election.

The bloom is starting to leave the rose. Even some Democrats want her to go away. She is the face of the Democrat Party and that isn’t a plus for Democrats.


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6 years ago

This incredibly self serving person wants more than just attention by appearing on TV. She wants to be the front runner and party leader.

6 years ago

Well Hillary, at least we didn’t get SNOOKERED by you!!!!!!!!!!!!