Hillary Clinton Probably Wants a Third Shot at the Presidency in 2020


Hillary Clinton started a PAC to help Democrat candidates fundraise, she says. It will be more helpful to her, no doubt, especially if she runs again which she likely wants to do. This is why she has to convince Americans she would have won if it wasn’t for the Russians and FBI Director Jim Comey.

At this early stage, there are plenty of Democrats planning to run for President on the Democratic ticket. It is widely assumed Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey are all interested.

Former vice-president Joe Biden has expressed interest. Let’s not forget Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blasio, and Chuck Schumer.

One is more despicable than the next. They’re all ideologues.

But Hillary is the one people are looking at right now because she is out of the woods.

Hillary Clinton’s high-profile interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour this week seemed to be her coming out. She said – for the third time – that she was coming out of the woods.

All presidential candidates have to write books, even if they are boring ones. The fact that Hillary is busy writing books is interesting. Mrs Clinton is working on two books. The first is an updated collectivist picture book It Takes a Village. The second is a collection of essays with inspirational quotes and advice.

What does her daughter say? In an appearance on CBS This Morning last month, Chelsea Clinton was asked point blank if her mother might run again. She replied, “Oh I have no idea … I don’t think so”.

Notice her equivocation.

Why wouldn’t she try again? She won the popular vote and this time she would show up in Wisconsin and spend more time in Michigan. Many Democrats think she won. Barbara Streisand said last night that Hillary won.

The Free Beacon has exclusively obtained evidence suggesting Hillary and her team are looking at another presidential run in 2020. The document appears to be a draft script for a future Hillary Clinton campaign announcement.

We can’t imagine that Democrats would really want her to run again, but who knows.

HRC 2020 CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCMENT by Washington Free Beacon on Scribd

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