Hillary Says “If I If I Had Won, I Would Have Been Seen As a Genius”


In an interview yesterday with NPR’s Morning Edition host Rachel Martin, the failed and whiny presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called her campaign “revolutionary,” adding “if I had won, I would have been seen as a genius.”

As an aside, if I was a 300 pound linebacker, I’d be a football player.

The interviewer asked, “Did you underestimate the way that your familiarity with the American public could negatively impact your campaign?”

Clinton responded:l “Well, I thought it was pretty revolutionary that I was the first woman to have a realistic chance of becoming president. So, I don’t know how any woman, who is not familiar to people, since we have so many hurdles to over come, could have even been in that position that I found myself. If I had won, I would been seen as a genius, my campaign would have been seen as perfect, I understand all of that.”

If I never made mistakes, I would be perfect.

The “revolutionary genius” bought a second home in New York for her staff for after she won the presidency. Pure genius!

She also found a 31st reason for her failure as a candidate – Justice John Roberts. The Justice did away with the [dated and unnecessary] Voter’s Right Act of 2013 and that helped cost her the election.

It allegedly disenfranchised some voters who would have voted for her, according to her. They must be nincompoops if they don’t know how to register to vote and come out to vote.

All the reasons Hillary lost:

  1. The FBI
  2. Jim Comey
  3. The Russians
  4. Americans who colluded with the Russians
  5. Putin anti-American forces
  6. Low information voters
  7. Everyone who assumed she’d win
  8. Bad polling numbers
  9. Obama for winning two terms
  10. Obama for telling her not to take on Bernie Sanders
  11. Bernie Sanders
  12. People wanting change
  13. Misogynists
  14. Suburban women
  15. The NY Times
  16. TV execs
  17. Cable news
  18. Netflix
  19. All media
  20. Fake news
  21. Democrats not making the right documentaries
  22. Facebook
  23. Twitter
  24. Wikileaks
  25. Content farms in Macedonia
  26. The Republican Party
  27. The Democratic Party
  28. Matt Lauer
  29. GOP donor Rebekah Mercer
  30. Donald Trump
  31. Justice Roberts

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked today what she thought of Hillary’s book tour and her answer can be described in one word, ‘sad’.

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6 years ago

Someone made a comment on the cover of Hillary’s book. Basically, the amount of effort spent on the book cover mirrored the effort Hillary spent on her campaign.

Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins
6 years ago

Her rapist husband, Slick Willy might add that it depends on what the definition of “if” is.

Hillary is delusional. The voter fraud investigation is showing that it was illegal voting that gave her the edge in the popular vote. Without it she would have lost New Hampshire and California.

So here’s the correction to her asinine statement: “If I had won the election, I would have proved that voter fraud works for me.”

Unfortunately, Hillary is a lifer. She will lie until she dies.

BTW, her so-called ‘book sales’ officially started today. Sales are so dismal the book is already being offered at 40% off. She may have to by a million or so copies through her Crime Family Foundation slush fund to get on the NYT ‘Best Seller’ list…..which is actually meaningless. ‘The Big Lie’ actually sold more than Loony Clooney’s book, but was ranked far under it.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

6 years ago

One from a very dear father-in-law: “If a frog didn’t have legs he wouldn’t bump his butt when he jumped.”

6 years ago

“If I had won, I would been seen as a genius”…… the reason you didn’t win Hillary is because you are a liar, a criminal, your not healthy (seizure on 9/11 2016) the DNC trying to kick Bernie to the curb, the reason you didn’t win is thank GOD there are still enough people in this country with an IQ more than their shoe size that saw all through your bs, now go check in to a mental ward !!!!!!!!!!!

Frank S.
Frank S.
6 years ago

As Dad used to say, “If the dog hadn’t stopped to take a (poop) he would have caught the rabbit:):)!!