Hillary-Soros Judge Denies Trump What Terrorists Get


ABC reported: the federal Judge Kimba Wood rejected a request from President Donald Trump and his personal lawyer Michael Cohen for a temporary restraining order to keep federal prosecutors from reading seized files. The President’s attorneys would like to see them first.

That is a request terrorists have been repeatedly granted [see video].

Hillary Clinton’s hand-picked Judge Wood said the government can weed out the privileged documents. She said she has faith in the prosecutors whose “integrity” is “unimpeachable”. Get the barf bag!

That is the same government that has been leaking daily.

This was a hearing requested by Michael Cohen who paid off floozy client Stormy Daniels who the media refers to as an ‘adult film star’. She is a prostitute, pornstar and stripper who is stripping all over the country on a ‘Make America Horny Again’ tour. She will strip at one club 10 minutes from Mar-a-Lago while the President is hosting the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe.

Picked By First Lady Hillary Clinton

Kimba Wood, a judge of modest credentials, was hand-selected by the First Lady when Bill was president. Her selection was temporarily in jeopardy because she hired illegal aliens.

Wood had no experience in criminal law and lacked any courtroom lawyer experience before being named to the bench in 1988. She was chosen because she would be a loyal henchman.

Hillary acted as a “de facto” AG at the time and picked cabinet nominees before they ever got to Bill. Clinton’s first choice, Judge Patricia Wald, turned down the job. “Word among staffers at the U.S. Courthouse” where she worked was “that she refused to rubber-stamp Clinton’s choices for deputy attorney general, associate attorney general and solicitor general”, The Washington Post reported.

The article in The Washington Post noted, Woods had a “friendship with Susan Thomases, a Hillary Clinton confidante who works hard to keep Bill Clinton on the left.” Hillary Clinton had pressed her husband to select a woman for the court, reported The New York Times.

Love Judge Who Officiated at George Soros’s Wedding and More

In 2013, Wood officiated at the marriage of the then-83-year old leftist George Soros and his 42-year old girlfriend, Tamiko Bolton.

Wood is known as the “Love Judge” since 1995 over an illicit affair when the nearly-ex-wife at the time of a multimillionaire Wall Street financier — Frank Richardson. His wife found his diary, which was filled with passionate prose about his trysts with the jurist.

The Clinton judge once trained as a Playboy bunny but gave it up.

The judge is a lifelong Democrat.

Wood made her bones on the body of Michael Milken. She gave him an unusually harsh sentence of ten years behind bars.

The Clintons have their hands in literally — everything. They’ve ruined the Democrat Party with their love of money and power. They are corrupt.

Meanwhile, Lynn Stewart — who conspired with a terrorist — received the consideration the President isn’t being given.

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