Hillary Wants $3,000 for Tickets to Listen to Her Hawk Her New Book


Hillary Clinton is kicking off her tour next month to promote her new book, “What Happened.” It’s about her election and why she lost to Trump. We already heard all her reasons but just the same she wants $3,000 for premium tickets.

When she held a book tour on Long Island, she wouldn’t deign to speak even to the liberal newspaper Newsday. The Newsday reporters then got even by interviewing the right-wing protesters who were at the rally. They wrote an unusually favorable article about the protesters including their criticisms of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary is cashing in on this book she probably didn’t even write. A “VIP platinum ticket” for her Sept. 28 appearance in Toronto will cost $2,375.95, or $3,000 in Canadian dollars, and provide two front-row seats, a photo with Clinton backstage and a signed book, according to Fox News.

Tickets will cost the same in Vancouver and Montreal.

There were general admissions tickets that are sold out and scalpers are making money from them.

Charging for her abominable book tour has to be a first. She probably knows she can’t sell the book and this is the only way it will make money.

The book Hillary claimed to have written with Tim Kaine couldn’t beat the following book in sales: A Coloring Book of Swear Words, The Publication Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, Crusoe the Celebrity Dachsund’s 2017 calendar, The Constitution, and at least three books about how terrible Hillary Clinton is.

We will save you the trouble of reading her book. We have the full list of all the reasons she lost the election:

James Comey
Vlad Putin
Anti-American forces
low information voters
everyone who assumed she’d win
bad polling numbers
Obama for winning two terms
people wanting change
suburban women
NY Times
TV executives
Cable news
Democrats not making the right documemtaries
Fake news
Content farms in Macdeonia
The Republican Party
The bankrupt Democrat Party
the DNC
her aides
Trump’s campaign

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