Hobbling Hillary Breaks Her Wrist in a Tub in India


Hillary Clinton’s visit to India has been a dangerous one for her. First, she sprained her hand, possibly when she fell twice descending some stairs while being held by strong men. She suffered another injury this week when she slipped in the bathtub at a five-star resort where she is staying, according to a report by DNA India.

She was taken to the hospital early Wednesday morning. Tests showed she fractured her right wrist.

They put a plaster bandage on her wrist and told her to get a checkup in three days.

Unfortunately for the Indians, she will continue her travels.

After her speech in India putting down Middle America as “backward” and racist, the Democrats are hoping she stops talking soon. The Republicans all hope she keeps giving speeches.

Throughout the presidential campaign, Hillary had seizures, fell, appeared dazed and just simply not well. Anyone who mentioned it was deemed a conspiracy theorist.

Hillary once falsely claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Were that true, he would be rolling in his grave given how she falls.

If you missed her fall in India:

This is the part of the speech where she shows what she thinks of Middle America:

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