Hochul Joins Biden, Harris, & Other Top Dems Unmoved by the Fentanyl Crisis


Hochul Joins Biden, Harris, & Other Top Dems

Unmoved by the Fentanyl Crisis

by James Soviero


With a deadly crisis of fentanyl-related overdose deaths fast becoming a scourge in the US, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has vetoed a bipartisan bill aimed at fighting the problem.  

Poisoning Americans

Why? The roughly $1 million price tag was not accounted for in the state budget. Here’s some perspective.  Hochul just spiked that life-saving program after giving $850 million of taxpayer money to an out-of-state billionaire to build a new Buffalo Bills stadium.

The measure, unanimously approved by both the state Assembly and Senate in the spring — but left in the Democratic governor’s desk as she ran for election — would create a 16-member fentanyl abuse and overdose prevention task force.  The group would meet with experts and issue a report within a year aimed at improving New York’s efforts regarding drug enforcement and treatment.  

Democrat Staten Island District Attorney Mike McMahon blasted Hochul, tweeting, “Frustrated & confused why Governor Hochul vetoed this bill. More NY’ers are dying from overdose than ever + this bill would have brought stakeholders together to implement real solutions,”  In his borough, this synthetic opioid accounts for 80% of the overdose deaths.  

GOP Republican Assemblymen Michael Reilly and Michael Tannousis, who co-sponsored the bill, stated, “What we are witnessing in New York right now is a public health emergency unlike any other — yet the only emergencies that Kathy Hochul seems focused on are those that are self-proclaimed and politically expedient.” 

That puts her very much in sync with many other Democrat Party “leaders” who are gaslighting Americans with tall tales about “threats to democracy,” climate change, Putin caused inflation, and white supremacy, while ignoring killer fentanyl pouring through our wide open Southern Border.

It’s estimated an average of 300 Americans die every day from drug overdoses.  If those many lives were being lost daily because jets were falling from the sky, there would be a national uproar, followed by quick action.  

If the causes of those ill-fated planes were as clear as the causes of our deadly drug epidemic and Dem pols continued to do virtually nothing, they’d be political pariahs.   

That Hochul, Biden, Harris, et al remain shamefully unmoved by over 100,000 thoroughly preventable OD deaths should make them unelectable at the very least.  

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Frank S.
Frank S.
1 year ago

The Dems are complicit in making cartels rich, while poisoning over 100,000, mostly younger, Americans.

1 year ago

Since Democrats don’t think Fentanyl is a problem, maybe the Leaders of the Democrat Party should get out a C-Note and snort a line of Fentanyl. Now that would give me a rush!