Sen. Paul Said Dr. Fauci Is Caught Red-Handed


Sen. Rand Paul didn’t mince words over Dr. Anthony Fauci’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Paul (R-KY) told Jesse Watters on Watters’ Thursday night show that they caught Dr. Fauci red-handed.

“There is no public figure or public health figure who has made a greater error in judgment than Dr. Fauci. The error in judgment was to fund gain of function research in a totalitarian country. Fund research allowed them to create super viruses that accidentally leaked into the public and caused 7 million people to die. Think about it. This is right up there with decisions, some malevolent or military, to kill millions of people. This accidentally goes to judgment.

“Talk about errors? You think he might apologize to the world for funding research that allowed super viruses to be created in a lab, a lab that was not properly outfitted for safety that people were already reporting was dangerous, to support that type of research and then looking away and saying “nothing to see here” and “to cover it up”…we’ve got him red-handed.”

Dr. Fauci admits he’s not perfect, but he can’t think of anything he did wrong in his career.

And, of course, Donald Trump…he’s the real guilty one:

Sen. Paul also wants to end the unscientific military vaccine mandate. Military personnel deserve to have their religious freedom and their medical choices.

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