Hochul’s Law Doesn’t Cover the Buffalo Killer’s Body Armor


Unelected Governor of New York Kathy Hochul wanted to be the first one out of the gate to pass more authoritarian laws following the horrific Buffalo massacre of innocent people in a grocery store.

The problem is her incompetence and that of her lawmakers. It is the reason why we must never trust these people with our inherent rights, especially the 2nd Amendment.

Body armor that is not covered by Hochul’s law.

Hochul’s Law barring sales of bullet-resistant vests to most civilians doesn’t cover the type of body armor worn by the gunman who killed 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket.

Lawmakers didn’t check and neither did Hochul when she signed the body armor bill.

During the May 14 attack, Payton Gendron wore a steel-plated vest, an armor strong enough to stop a handgun round fired by a store security guard who tried to halt Gendron’s rampage.

The lawmakers then put through the law in unnecessary haste and we believe it was for political expediency. The law restricts vests defined as “bullet-resistant soft body armor”.

They said at some point they’ll have to go back and correct it.

Distinctions between what’s now allowed and what’s illegal is causing confusion among retailers who sell such items.


Stores like 221B Tactical on W. 33rd St. just below Midtown tend to sell more hard-plated armor, according to retailer Brad Pedell. He isn’t sure if the clothing that provides protection against gunfire but isn’t a vest is fair game, MSN reports.

“It is so vague,” he told the Associated Press.

Pedell said New Yorkers come to him to buy body armor because they’re “scared” and such tactical gear makes them “feel more confident.”

Nelson Vergara, a former U.S Marine and New York city law enforcement professional with an academic background in Homeland Security, told the Daily News the state’s new body armor laws don’t seem to have been thought out well.

Hochul is so efficient she won’t revisit it until January. Mr. Vergara wonders why.

Was the signing just a photo-op.

Hochul literally signs bills without bothering to give them a thought. Stunning incompetence.

No one holds these people accountable. As long as they have a “D” in front of their name, any fool can get elected in New York.

It’s a meaningless law anyway. The body armor law won’t do a thing to stop these madmen.

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1 year ago

The Government Bureaucrats are stock piling ammunition and now outlawing Body Armor. What is the real goal. It’s not about protecting children.